Welcome to the reasoning tutorial!

In this week's tutorial we'll go through a very brief inductive reasoning task, one that is connected to some of the content from Dan Navarro's lectures, and then go through a short data analysis exercise. The idea is to give you a sense of how real research in this area works, and how the data from these experiments can be analysed.

In fact, the exercise that we're going to cover is closely connected with an ongoing research project into human reasoning. With that in mind, we'd like to request your consent to include your responses as part of our project, so the task starts out with a consent form. We'd definitely appreciate it if you do agree to participate, but your are under no obligation at all to do so - if you choose not to agree, the task will proceed as normal because the tutorial is built around it, but your data won't be retained as part of the project. It's totally up to you.