Experiment Demos

As part of our commitment to the priciples of replicability and open science, we aim to make our experimental procedures public to the extent that this is possible. With that in mind, not only do we post code repositories and data sets, we also archive the experiments themselves. Over time we hope to add to this collection!

Sampling frames

Experiments from: Hayes, Banner, Forrester and Navarro (under review). Exp 1 and Exp A1 are missing (they were written with LiveCode)

Exp 2 Exp 3 Exp 4 Exp B1 Exp B2 Exp B3 Exp S1

Vanishing bandits

Experiments reported by Navarro, Tran and Baz (under review). The paper reports two experiments. Code and data are in the OSF repository.

Exp 1 Exp 2

None of the above

Experiments reported by Navarro and Kemp (2017, Psych. Rev.). The paper reports four experiments, live demos which are included here. Code and data are in the associated github repository.

Exp 1 Exp 2 Exp 3 Exp 4

Observe or bet

The paper by Navarro, Newell and Schultze (2016, Cog. Psych.) reports the results of two experiments, one run online (Exp 1) and another run in person (Exp 2). The first experiment is linked below.

Exp 1

Additional experiments associated with papers in preparation or under review, can be found here.